We bake daily and offer the following sweet bread:

- sweet rolls with cinnamon and sugar (no nuts)
- sweet rolls with cinnamon and walnuts
      -  sweet rolls with almond paste filling and sprinkled with almonds.
- Babka rolls with chocolate shavings, Dutch cocoa and  espresso powder
-  French brioche marbled with
       -  French brioche with cheddar
              cheese (ensaimada)
       -  Chocolate-filled brioche
       -   Plain brioche
       -   Fruit brioche (brioche with layer of cream cheese and blueberries on top)
       -  Different types of sweet bread buns

Our sweet rolls come with cream cheese frosting.  The frosting is a mix of cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and lemon emulsion.

Our sweet bread

Our unique recipes

We are specially interested in recipes brought to this country by immigrants.  We made a few changes to accommodate the limitations of commercial baking but you will find that our version is comparable to your grandmother's sweet bread.

We also want to emphasize that one of the secrets of excelllent bakeries  is that bread is baked daily and unsold bread is given away (or thrown away) at the end of the day.  Because of the lack of chemical ingredients in King  Arthur's flour, our bread is best eaten the same day that it is baked or wrapped in plastic wrap and frozen.

Sweet Claire is dedicated to producing the freshest of bread and will be baking daily and throughout the day.  Stop by and get a whiff of that wonderful aroma of bread just coming out of the oven.

Although our products cost more to produce, we aim to offer them at reasonable prices.  We hope that our customers will then feel that they got their money's worth.

We hope to see you in our bakery.

Brioche filled w/ chocolate and topped with sanding sugar
Cheese Brioche
Babka roll

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Taste the world through our baked goods!

We specialize in traditional bread and pastries from around the world.
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Brioche with pumpkin pastry cream and dark chocolate drizzle