Check out our Sunday brunch ... We serve from 9am until 3pm but we are open until 4pm.
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Our most popular dish is our eggs benedict:  two poached eggs on top of cheese biscuits and drizzled with homemade Hollandaise sauce.  The sauce contains egg yolks, butter, lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper.

How about a slice of our French Omelet? 

Taste the world through our baked goods!

We specialize in traditional bread and pastries from around the world.
            309 East Third Street Bloomington, IN 47401
                                 Phone 812-333-6000
We serve lunch starting at 11am.  Besides our focaccia bread which is available as plain (very vegan), herb/cheese (dried basil/Parmesan cheese), dried tomato and olive (Kalamaka olives mixed in the dough), we are now serving panini everyday, including muffulleta.  Pulled pork and Cuban sandwiches are only served on Fridays.

We also cater and our typical customers order the half-focaccia sandwich, salad and cookie combination.  For large orders (more than 10 sandwiches), please call before 4 pm the day before so that we can add the dough requirement to our production.

  Follow us on twitter @sclairebakery to see our food truck schedule and specials at the bakery.
  Our Saturday and Sunday brunch will be from 9am till 3pm with the bakery closing at  4pm.  
  Bakery schedule:  Monday (closed)
  Tues-Fri (7am-6pm); Saturday &  Sunday  (9am-4pm)
  We are at the summer Farmers'  Market (city hall parking lot) every Saturday from 8am-1pm.

Muffulleta is a New Orleans sandwich made with baguette roll or French bread, liberally covered with olive salad and then topped with ham, salame, provolone and mozzarella cheeses.  The sanchwich is then pressed and toasted in our panini grill.
Picture shown:  10 layers of omelet filled with vegetarian topping.  zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, portabello mushroom, and all kinds of cheeses.
Our bread and pastries are baked daily.  We only produce for the day and when we sell out early, it is difficult to produce more.  Yeast bread takes about 3 hours to roll out into edible product.

Whatever is left over for the day is given to homeless shelters in Bloomington.
Special Saturday & Sunday 

Corned beef hash with egg and choice of bread

Brioche toast and poached egg on spring mix and portabello mushroom

Gluten-free cookies on Fridays

Saturday at the market
Bienenstich or "Bee Sting" yeast cake
  Our brioche topped with caramelized almonds, split in half and filled with vanilla pastry cream.

We sell gift certificates and bagged cookies all year.
Click on this link "Our Cookies"  to get more information.
Special Sandwiches Tuesday-Friday

Tuesday -- Meatballs in tomato sauce topped with Provolone, with potato au gratin & cookie
Wednesday -- Lemon chicken with mayo or mustard, lettuce & tomato, with potato au gratin & cookie
Thursday -- Ham & Provolone in challah bread, with potato au gratin & cookie
Friday -- Cuban (ham, Swiss, pork marinated in orange juice) and Pulled pork (baked in chipotle barbeque sauce).