Taste the world through our baked goods!

We specialize in traditional bread and pastries from around the world.
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  To our customers:

  I am sorry to announce that I closed the bakery/cafe in downtown Bloomington on May 10th.  
  It has been a successful run but it is time to downsize and have more "me" time.
  But the bakery is not totally gone -- you will find us at the Saturday Bloomington Farmers' market
  every Saturday from April until November.  It starts at 8am and ends around 1pm.  We sell out
  quickly so be there early.
  Lots of plans for the upcoming year and beyond ---
  I am planning on applying for a spot in the Bloominron winter market  to sell in December and
  March.  You might also find us at the Spencer market in September and possibly all season next  
  year.  Of course, we hope to maintain a presence in the Bloomington market for a long time.
  I am continuing my popular baking classes.  I am tentatively planning on September 13 (Sunday) for
  my first class in my Spencer location.  Please send me an email (sweetclairebakery@yahoo.com) or
  go to the  Contact Us page if you are   interested in being included in my contact list and receive
  baking newsletters from me.

  My food truck is also available for special events although not on Saturdays.  We use our truck to
  delivery our baked goods to the market.  Hopefully -- another truck soon.

  I also accept catering orders from March through December but I will be gone in January and
  February every year.  I intend to travel again and find inspiration from food of other countries.  My
  first goal is  to find several night markets in Asia and blog about them and their delicious offering. 

  Thank you for your loyalty and support.  I hope to see you soon.

  This website needs some clean-up and make-over.  Very soon.